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  • hi-definition laminate print
  • custom design graphics
  • exclusive game format
  • easy wipe dry-erase surface
  • handy carry tube
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  "A great indoor billiard golf game when you can't play golf outdoors".






























Tees & Cues- A Billiard Golf Game® combines the fun and skill of playing pool with the challenge and strategy of golf in an easy-to-follow, entertaining format that can be played on any game room pool table or at any pool hall. The unique, innovative method of playing and scoring make this the ultimate billiard golf game available today.

The only equipment needed is a pool table, billiard balls, a cue stick and a Tees & Cues Scoreboard. There are no gimmicks or gadgets. You play real pool on a real pool table. Players can even select different skill play levels from the casual pool player to advanced by choosing from 3 sets of Tees – Front, Middle and Back (Championship). A golf hole is played by breaking any solid color object balls according to a Par 3, Par 4 or Par 5 rack. A players golf score is then determined by the number of "strokes" it takes to run out the balls where they lay on the pool table including any penalties shown on the scoreboard. As in golf, each player or team will have their own game plan using a variety of shots to play each hole. The design of this billiard game makes it fun to play with a game format that will result in a comparable score for a round of golf. If you are a high skill pool player then your total golf score should be near or under par.

Players are challenged to shoot par but cue ball control and a little luck can be rewarded with a birdie or even an eagle. If you want to toughen up the course play from the Championship tees or you can even add a "tree" to any holes (see Game Tips). Complete Tees & Cues games instructions, Rules and Penalties are shown on the scoreboard that features an 18 hole golf course scorecard with par 3's, 4's and 5's for a total par 72. To view a detailed image, click on the picture then move your cursor near the lower right corner pocket and click on the enlargement icon. Test your pool shot-making skills and game strategy by playing partners in exciting golf matches such as Skins, alternating shots, etc. More games can be found by clicking on the link to Billiard Golf Side Games.

Tees & Cues billiard game scoreboard was developed with the finest graphic design software available and professionally produced on a high definition ink jet printer. The entire 13in x 22in scoreboard print is completely laminated for use with a dry-erase marker that is easily wiped clean after each game. The scoreboard can be rolled and stored in the handy carry tube for the next game or take it along to your favorite pool hall for a game of Skins. It can also be framed for wall mounting as an attractive addition to any game or recreation room. Tees & Cues is a great gift item for pool players and golfers alike.

Game Tips:

 <     You can select the easiest game from the Front Tees to the most difficult Championship Tees.  Try all of them and see if you can beat the course                                                    


      <       If you want to further change the layout of each hole, you can place a striped tree ball(s) next to any balls in the rack.  Note: the arrangement of balls must be the same for each player who breaks on that hole.


       <  Your chance of a birdie or eagle occurs when 1 or more object balls are pocketed on the break shot, without scratching, or if you make 2 object balls in 1 shot while playing the hole.


<      Cue ball control and smart play will help you shoot lower scores and beat your opponent




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